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The Hunting Billbug

Today, we will unveil the mystery of the brown spots in your lawn and what insect is responsible. We will teach you how to be the hunter rather than the hunted because billbugs are the reason areas in your lawn are not greening up. The hunting billbug (Sphenophorus spp) is more prevalent in West [...]

The Hunting Billbug2018-07-31T15:40:18-06:00

Brown Patches on Lawn

Some Greater Memphis Area homeowners are currently experiencing lawns that have brown patches on lawns and lawns that are not greening up. I have seen this phenomenon over the 34+ years my company, Herbi-Systems, has been in operation. My industry colleagues have witnessed the same baffling occurrence. Some brown patches on lawns have the [...]

Brown Patches on Lawn2019-01-31T08:32:21-06:00

Winter Pruning

Brightly lit Christmas trees may be top of mind this month, but Herbi-Systems would like to turn your attention toward pruning of the trees that adorn your lawn. Preservation Tree offers the “Why Prune in Winter” perspective while the Arbor Day Foundation offers tips and diagrams in a “How-to Guide” for Pruning Well. According to [...]

Winter Pruning2019-01-31T08:42:49-06:00