Core Aeration in Memphis

Power core aeration relieves compaction problems. Aeration helps control dead-root buildup (thatch), improves the soil structure, creates growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to get into the root zone. With all these benefits, aeration greatly enhances the health and beauty of any lawn.

Punching Holes in the Earth

Aeration removes thousands of small cores of soil 1-inch to 3-inches in length from your lawn. These cores “melt” back into the lawn after a few rainfalls. The holes created by aeration catch fertilizer and water. Turf roots naturally grow toward these growth pockets and thicken in the process. Aeration holes also relieve pressure from compacted soils, letting oxygen and water move more freely into the root zone. Annual aeration can help avoid costly lawn renovations in the future.

You guys have done an outstanding job correcting my lawn with your extra services. Thank you! My lawn is finally starting to show improvement, and this is why I switched to you guys in the first place. It looks like my grub worm problem is going away and the extra fertilizer treatment was an unexpected bonus! Highly recommended in my book, and glad to pay for services rendered.

– Mark W.