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Over Three Decades of Weed Killing

Herbi-Systems, a Memphis area lawn care company, was born in 1984 with two trucks, a typewriter and a tank full of desire.  Since those humble beginnings, we’ve added more than 30 up-to-date trucks, tripled our office space and have become a leader in Mid-South turf management.  Our mission remains the same: to be the best lawn care company —large or small — in the Memphis area and the Mid-South.

About Herbi-Systems

For more than 30 years, Herbi-Systems has managed the lawn care needs for homeowners, sports fields, industrial complexes, gas line right-of-ways and local government contracts.  And we’re always on the lookout to improve or find a better way to both grow grass and kill weeds.

Being part of the Mississippi Delta region with its fertile climates and soils, the Memphis area and the Mid-South have both an opportunity and a problem when considering lawn management. Grass can grow richly, but so can weeds. And these pesky weeds require constant attention. Since all of Herbi-Systems’ managers grew up in this area, they’re accustomed to these situations and deal with them effectively every day.

Herbi-Systems brings something new to lawn care in the Memphis area. We call you after each visit to monitor your satisfaction and determine results from our treatments. With your eyes on the target, we can monitor to make sure the grass is getting thicker and the weeds are dying away. Regular communication is the key -- we don’t just treat and leave.


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