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Premier Lawn Care, Tree & Shrub & Irrigation Services in Brighton, TN

We can care for your lawn, trees, and shrubs, plus maintain your irrigation system's top condition.

Brighton, TN, is a small town in Tipton County, with almost 2,900 people calling it home. It has an undeniable rural charm and offers a close-knit community. Wells Kitchen is just the spot to enjoy delicious food, while Brighton City Park features various sports fields. You can also take a short trip to Glen Springs Lake, where you can go fishing and boating.

Here at Herbi-Systems, we proudly provide premier lawn care, tree and shrub, and irrigation services in Brighton, TN. Our crew works tirelessly to ensure your grass, trees, and shrubs are well taken care of so they remain healthy and beautiful throughout the year. We also offer reliable irrigation services to maintain your system's top condition.

Our Lawn Care Services Include Fertilization, Weed Control, Aeration, Overseeding & More

Caring for your lawn takes time, effort, and a lot of TLC, which we're highly skilled at! We offer high-quality lawn care services to ensure it receives everything it needs to thrive. For example, we'll routinely nourish your grass with fertilizers while keeping pesky weeds from stealing those precious nutrients for themselves. We also provide aeration and overseeding to address soil compaction and fill in any bare patches with new grass growth.

Our lawn disease control treatments are just what you need to keep your lawn free of harmful fungal diseases. Meanwhile, we offer preventative and curative lawn insect control treatments to combat common infestations in Brighton, TN, including grubs and hunting billbugs. Our complete list of lawn care services is as follows:

Keep Your Plants Healthy With Our Tree & Shrub Care Services

Your plants are vital for enhancing your property's curb appeal, so we offer various tree and shrub care services to keep them healthy and looking their best. Our team will fertilize your trees and shrubs in the spring and fall via deep root injections to provide much-needed nutrients that fuel their robust, vibrant growth.

On the other hand, we can apply curative disease control treatments to eliminate an existing fungal infection on your plants, with some common ones in Brighton, TN, being leaf scorch, powdery mildew, and black sooty mold. We can also prevent insects from infesting your plants and combat those that have already with our respective treatments. Here are all the tree and shrub care services we provide:

Keep Your Irrigation System Running Smoothly With Our Irrigation Services

Keeping your irrigation system running smoothly is essential to deliver water to your lawn and plants in Brighton, TN. Fortunately, that's where our irrigation services come in! We can shut down your system for the winter through winterization and bring it back online in the spring via our startups. Our pros also have the expertise and knowledge to perform any necessary repairs so that it stays working as it should.

We've been offering our lawn care, tree and shrub, and irrigation services since 1984!

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At Herbi-Systems, we are committed to helping residential and commercial properties and HOAs in Brighton, TN, stay in great shape with our lawn care, tree and shrub, and irrigation services. Call us today at (901) 382-5296 to sign up for our services.

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