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Carl Quick Chief Operating Officer

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Carl Quick

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Carl Quick

Carl Quick, a stockholder and Chief Operating Officer, heads the residential division. His primary responsibilities include managing 50 employees, keeping a fleet of vehicles operational, and supervising the business operations.

Carl received a bachelor of science degree in agriculture and animal science from University of Tennessee at Martin, a land grant college. During his school years, he worked with the City of Millington in the grounds maintenance department, and afterward decided to pursue a career in lawn and landscape management. He came onboard with Herbi-Systems in 1988.

Carl, with his affable and down-to-earth manner, is naturally skilled at finding solutions during the busy days of running an operation that services 11,000 customers and 50 employees. From lawn care problems that naturally arise to staying current on both federal transportation and chemical regulations, he finds a way to keep the process moving forward with minimal internal conflict. In fact, 80 percent of Herbi-Systems employees have been with the company for 12 years or longer. Carl brings a consistent and stabilizing presence to Herbi-Systems.

"I love the challenges that come with lawn care," he says. "Some of the problems we get can be difficult to figure out. Some of the diseases are hard to diagnose. But we attack them and find a way. Those are the problems we face living in the Mid-South with its fertile climates and soils."

Carl lives in Rosemark with his wife and three boys. The family spends time at home raising and showing cattle, as well as growing and bailing hay.

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