When our clients in Memphis, TN, reached out to us, they had a problem resulting from the numerous trees in their yard: a heavily shaded lawn. Just like any other plant, grass needs sunlight to produce energy so that it stays healthy and can continue to grow. Without this essential resource, it'll likely struggle and become weak. So, our team came up with a plan to help their lawn stay thick and green. To start, we followed a regular fertilization schedule throughout the year to provide much-needed nutrients, plus controlled weeds to keep them from stealing that nourishment for themselves. We also aerated to loosen soil compaction and make it easier for the roots of the grass to access resources. Finally, we performed overseeding using fescue seeds, which have excellent shade tolerance, so their lawn could remain full and dense.

The Challenges Heavily Shaded Lawns Face & How We Kept This One Thick & Green

Heavily shaded lawns have a disadvantage compared to those that aren't: access to sunlight. Sunlight is an essential resource that grass utilizes to perform photosynthesis, which involves turning light energy into food to fuel healthy growth. When it's in the shade, it can struggle and become weak because it doesn't have the sun exposure it needs. So, our team got to work coming up with a plan to help our client's lawn stay thick and green regardless of how heavily shaded it is. This plan included fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding.

We Routinely Fertilized the Lawn to Provide Vital Nutrients & Controlled Weeds

One of the essential lawn care services we provided for our client's heavily shaded lawn was fertilization. We routinely applied these treatments throughout the year so that the grass would have all the vital nutrients it needs to promote healthy growth, deep roots, and a vibrant green color. We carefully considered the best type of fertilizer and ensured they had the proper nutrient amount for each application.

Additionally, we utilized pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent new weeds from surfacing and eliminate any existing growth on their lawn. That way, it didn't have to compete with them for nourishment, allowing it to maximize each fertilizer application.

We applied a lime treatment in late fall/early winter to balance the soil's pH and help our client's heavily shaded lawn better intake nutrients.

We Also Performed Aeration & Overseeding to Help the Lawn Stay Healthy & Lush

Another crucial factor in keeping our client's heavily shaded lawn healthy was aeration. Our experts pulled up plugs of soil from the ground using an aerator to loosen compaction and create passageways for nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach their turf's roots more easily. This process also ensured that whatever sunlight it received, it would get the most out of it.

We also performed overseeding using fescue seeds, as they're known for their excellent shade tolerance and ability to grow even with minimal sunlight. By spreading these seeds, we established grass that would thrive in that environment. Now, their lawn is lush and thick and has improved resistance to stressors.

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