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With over 11,000 customers, Herbi-Systems is the largest locally-owned lawn care company in Memphis & the surrounding areas.

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With over 39 years of experience in lawn care, providing our customers with top-notch service is our passion.

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Lawn Care in Cordova

Maintaining a lawn all year can be a monumental job. From weeding to watering and seeding, it’s no wonder so many people skip it altogether. But when you’ve got Herbi-Systems in your corner, lawn care in Cordova is easy! We’ll handle every aspect of your lawn care, no matter how minute. We even provide industry-best disease, fungus, and insect protection to make sure your grass stays healthy all year. Your yard is meant to be enjoyed and when you’ve got the pros making sure it's healthy and gorgeous, all you need to do is relax. 

Our lawn care in Cordova includes:

  • FREE lawn inspections from a state-certified technician. 
  • Granular fertilizer service to improve your grass’ nutrient uptake.
  • Pre and post-emergent weed control to protect from weeds all year.
  • Treatment for a wide variety of lawn ailments including brown spots, discolored turf, bare spots, dead or lifeless grass, and more.
  • Lime treatment to reduce soil acidity.
  • Follow-up calls to see how your lawn is doing.
  • FREE retreatments for any lingering issues.
  • And more!
Good for Your Lawn and Wallet

Enlisting the help of a quality lawn care company isn’t just good for your lawn’s health, but for your long-term financial health, too. Realtors across America estimate that a house with an attractive, well-kept yard will sell for as much as 15% more once it hits the market! We don’t always think about it this way, but a house is more than a home - it’s an investment. Let Herbi-Systems help your investment (and your grass) grow. 

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Tree & Shrub Care in Cordova

Just like a healthy lawn, the presence of mature ornamental plants can add value to your home. This can be as much as 20% if they’re properly maintained! At Herbi-Systems, our tree and shrub care in Cordova is designed to pamper your ornamentals into healthy, sustained growth that you can count on for years to come. When you work with us, we’ll take that old tree or scraggly bush and turn it into a showstopper that will be a mainstay of your yard for years. So give your ornamentals a little love and they’ll reward you back. 

Our tree and shrub care includes:

  • Protection from overwintering insects that can damage your trees.
  • Seasonal application of fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides depending on your needs.
  • Seasonal inspections to check progress and make alterations. 
  • Pre-emergent weed control.
  • Bermuda Grass control.
  • And much more!

Insect Control in Cordova

Now that your lawn, trees, and shrubs are in good shape, it’s time to turn your attention to the bugs. If insects are making it hard to enjoy your lawn, Herbi-Systems has what you need. Our insect control in Cordova works on two fronts, keeping your yard comfortable and your plants safe. Without reliable insect control, your yard has a defined ceiling that it will never surpass. Don’t settle for good enough and let a local lawn care professional kick bugs out of your yard!

Our insect control keeps your yard safe from:

  • Wood boring insects
  • Scale
  • Fire ants
  • Grubs 
  • Whiteflies 
  • Hunting Billbugs
  • And many more!

Call Today For A Insect-Free Lawn

Irrigation Services in Cordova

Irrigation sprinkler systems are an investment in the health of your lawn. While weather in Tennessee can be unpredictable, proper irrigation ensures that your lawn is getting the thorough hydration it needs to thrive. Thanks to high water pressure, it only takes a small flaw in the system to create costly waste and damage. That’s why it’s best to call in the professionals at Herbi-Systems for Irrigation maintenance in Cordova.

 Our Irrigation service program keeps your sprinkler system at its best all year round, including:

  • Startup service in Springtime to make sure each zone is operating correctly.
  • Spring backflow testing for optimum efficiency and compliance with state-wide standards.
  • Mid-summer inspection of heads and solenoids.
  • Consistent monitoring for leaks and electrical issues.
  • Winterization to prevent burst pipes and freeze damage.

Lawn Fertilization in Cordova

Are you tired of dealing with brown spots and thinning grass in your yard? Look no further! Our expert lawn care technicians are here to help you achieve a healthy and vibrant lawn. With our top-notch fertilizer service, you can expect remarkable results and a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Here's what sets our service apart:

  • Lawn Inspection: Our knowledgeable technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your lawn, identifying any nutrient deficiencies or problem areas. This allows us to provide a tailored solution for your specific needs.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Applications: We use high-quality fertilizers specially formulated to promote strong growth and deep root development. Our fertilizers contain the perfect blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, ensuring your grass gets the nutrients it craves.
  • Tailored Lawn Care Program: We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our lawn care program is customized to address the unique requirements of your lawn. We take into consideration factors such as grass type, soil condition, and local climate to deliver optimal results.
  • Fix Brown Spots and Thinning Grass: Our fertilizer service is designed to tackle common lawn issues, such as brown spots and thinning grass. By providing your grass with the necessary nutrients, we can revitalize your lawn and promote healthy growth.
  • Expert Lawn Care Technicians: Our team consists of experienced lawn care specialists who have extensive knowledge of Cordova' unique soil conditions and grass types. You can trust us to deliver professional and reliable service every time.
  • Unlock the Potential of Your Lawn: With our fertilizer service, you'll be amazed at how your lawn transforms into a lush and vibrant oasis. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster grass and hello to a picture-perfect yard that enhances the beauty of your home.
  • Experience the Difference: Don't settle for mediocre lawn care. Choose our top-rated fertilizer service and see the difference for yourself. Let us take care of your lawn, so you can enjoy a worry-free outdoor space that you're proud to show off.

Don't wait any longer! Call us today to schedule your lawn inspection and get started on the path to a healthier and more beautiful lawn. Our team is ready to provide you with the best fertilizer service in Cordova. Trust us to transform your lawn into a lush paradise.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Solutions

At Herbi-Systems, we believe that a lawn care company should always have both the client’s and the environment’s best interest at heart. We’ve provided eco-friendly lawn care in the Memphis area for over 39 years and aren’t stopping anytime soon. Each of our lawn care products is safe, EPA-approved, and carefully mixed by our staff every day. When you pick us to look after your yard, you’ll never have to choose between a healthy lawn and environment.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Should lawn issues persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!

5 Star Review

The Service was great and my yard has been looking great since I started using them

Anthony Jackson
Main Office
5 Star Review

Great job! My lawn never looked better!!

Bobby Williams
5 Star Review

The service is very good and I will not think of changing companies

José Daniel
Main Office

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