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Servicing over 11,000 customers, Herbi-Systems is the largest locally owned lawn care company in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

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With over 39 years of experience in lawn care, providing our customers with top-notch service is our passion.

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Lawn Care in Covington

Maintaining a healthy lawn is no easy feat. With weeds, insects, and weather threatening your turf, lawn care can leave you exhausted. Save yourself time and money by partnering with the lawn care experts at Herbi-Systems. Call us today to save $30 on the weed and insect-free lawn of your dreams.

There’s a lot to love about living in the Mid-South. As part of the Mississippi Delta region, Covington’s fertile climate and nourished soil promotes lawn growth and plant health. However, weeds and insects also thrive in this area, meaning proper lawn care is a necessity. Whether you’re battling weeds, disease, and insects or hoping to prevent future problems, the lawn care technicians at Herbi-Systems are ready to help. Contact us for unbeatable lawn care in Covington and receive guaranteed protection from the following issues: 

  • Brown spots
  • Bare patches
  • Dead or lifeless grass
  • Discolored turf
  • Weeds
  • Damaging insects
  • Lawn fungus
  • And More!

Comprehensive Lawn Services for Guaranteed Results

At Herbi-Systems, we understand that lawn care isn’t a one-and-done type deal. In order to maintain a lush, green turf, it is important to regularly service your lawn. With our recurring lawn care programs, your grass is guaranteed to flourish. Get the results you’ve been wanting with the following comprehensive services:

  • A FREE lawn inspection to determine your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Pre-emergent weed control in the spring to prevent crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and other common weeds.
  • Post-emergent weed removal to eliminate even the toughest weeds.
  • Fall pre-emergent lawn treatment for winter annuals, perennials, and more.
  • Application of granular lime to reduce soil acidity.
  • The option to add-on services such as fungus control, fire ant control, and grub control.

We are so sure that you will be satisfied with the results of our lawn care service that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If problems persist after treatment, your lawn care technician will re-treat your yard at no cost to you. For guaranteed, lasting results, trust our recurring lawn care in Covington. 

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2240 Covington Pike
Mon.-Fri.: 8:00am-5:00pm
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Tree & Shrub Care in Covington

Your lawn gets most of the attention in your yard but your ornamentals need love too. That’s where our tree and shrub care in Covington can help! We tailor our service to your specific needs to give you the healthy, beautiful trees and shrubs that you’ve always desired. You can trust in our over 39 years of tree care experience when it’s time to pamper your ornamentals.

Our services include:

  • An in-depth inspection of your yard to assess your needs.
  • Personalized service from expertly-trained tree and shrub professionals. 
  • EPA-approved and eco-friendly tree care products.
  • Protection from insects and diseases.
  • Follow-up calls to ensure your total satisfaction.
  • And more!

Year-Round Care for Your Ornamentals

At Herbi-Systems, we want to keep your trees and shrubs healthy year-round, no matter the conditions. We provide quarterly inspections to assess your ornamentals’ health and needs and prepare them for the changing seasons. Where other lawn care companies let your showpiece plants fend for themselves, we go the extra mile to keep them healthy all year long!

Insect Control in Covington

It takes more than maintenance to keep your grass healthy. An attractive yard also requires a dedicated offense against damaging insects like grubs and Hunting Billbugs that feed on the root system of your turf or fire ants that boil from mounds to attack your family and pets. For over 39 years, the experts at Herbi-Systems have been providing the best insect control in Covington, keeping lawns healthy and free from turf-damaging insects.

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Family and Eco-Friendly Products 

Preventing and controlling these insects from your lawn shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment or the health of your family. At Herbi-Systems, we specialize in using EPA-approved, reduced risk products. Our effective treatments provide up to 90 days of protection against root-feeding insects.

When you partner with us for insect control, you can expect:

  • Expert identification of the insects plaguing your lawn. 
  • A comprehensive plan to eliminate them.
  • A trained lawn technician to treat your yard with modern, industry-approved products and methods.
  • Consistent communication, including a follow-up phone call to make sure you’re satisfied with your service.
Irrigation Service in Covington

Herbi-Systems is locally owned and operated, making us a great choice to handle your irrigation service quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a sprinkler repair or seasonal maintenance, we have the experience and tools to get the job done and ensure your irrigation system is compliant with city standards. To make sure your irrigation system is as efficient as possible, our irrigation package includes: 

  • Spring start-up: Running through each zone in the system to make sure it is operating correctly and without leaks (March 1 - April 30)
  • Backflow testing: A test to make sure the system is running efficiently (July 1 - Aug. 15)
  • Mid-summer inspection: Cycling through irrigation zones to make sure sprinkler heads are operating as they should without leaks or electrical issues (July 1 - Aug. 15).
  • Winterization: Connecting the system to a special air compressor to blow out water and adjusting the backflow valves to help prevent freezing or bursting of pipe (Oct. 15 - Nov. 30).

Over 35 Years of Experience Helping Homes Like Yours 

Having a sprinkler system can be an amazing life hack to getting a beautiful lawn without all the effort, but the upkeep to make sure the lawn sprinklers are running without a problem can be a hassle. You need a company you can trust with your irrigation so you can relax without worry. Herbi-Systems is here to help with your irrigation system in Memphis or the surrounding areas.

Our Lawn Technicians Go Above and Beyond

For us, lawn care isn’t just our job—it's the way we serve the Covington community. As a company comprised of individuals local to Tennessee, we view our customers as neighbors and truly care about the state of each lawn we service. Our care for the community shows through in our open communication, our local expertise, and our personalized services. After every custom treatment, we’ll give you a call to monitor your satisfaction and ensure you remain in the know about our lawn treatment plans. Get both quality treatments and unbeatable customer service when you partner with Herbi-systems for lawn care in Covington.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Should lawn issues persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!

5 Star Review

I have employed Herbi Systems for several years. I selected them because they analyzed my lawn and made recommendations as to the most effective maintenance. I have been completely satisfied with the service I have received and recommend this service to anyone needing lawn weed control.

Wayne Beard
5 Star Review

I have no problem whatsoever with them we have always been very professional and on time and done a good job

Gladys Stone
5 Star Review

The gentleman who says “Let me kill your weeds” was not kidding! My yard is always weed free and green! I’ve had several weed and feed companies but none compare with this company! The old saying is true, you get what you pay for!

Jimmy Moore

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