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30+ Years Providing the Best Lawn Care in Memphis

Nothing completes a beautiful property like a lush and thriving yard, but tackling lawn care in Memphis on your own can be a struggle. When you turn to the experts at Herbi-Systems for lawn care, our three decades of experience will give you all the rewards of a perfectly maintained lawn.

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locally owned lawn care company

Servicing over 9,000 customers, Herbi-Systems is the largest locally owned lawn care company in the Greater Memphis area.

professional experts in lawn care

With over 30 years of experience in lawn care, providing our customers with top-notch service is our passion.


The service has done wonders for my lawn. The team is prompt and efficient. The entire neighborhood uses this service. I would recommend this company to everyone who wants a beautiful lawn!

Lawn Care in Memphis

A beautiful home is nothing without a beautiful lawn. If you want your grass to dazzle, you want Herbi-Systems. With over three decades of experience providing quality lawn care in Memphis, we can help you cultivate a lawn that you can be proud of. Our 9000+ customers make us the largest lawn company in the Memphis area and show that when you work with us, you’re working with the experts. Call us today at 901-382-5296 to get the lawn you want. 

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Expert Care from Highly-Trained Technicians

Proper lawn care requires expertise. With Herbi-Systems, that’s just what you’ll get. Our experienced technicians complete internal and external training to keep them sharp and up-to-date on the latest industry techniques and products. They also mix all of their own lawn treatments daily to make sure your products are fresh and effective. That’s the Herbi-Systems difference. 

FREE Inspections and Flexible No-Contract Options

Lawn care doesn’t have to break the bank. With Herbi-Systems, you get the benefit of FREE estimates on your lawn care services. We even offer no-contract options so you can sign up for only the treatment you need. However, to get a lawn that dazzles, recurring treatments make all the difference. With our full lawn care package, you’ll receive seven treatments throughout the year including:

  • Pre-and-post emergent weed treatments
  • Season granular fertilization
  • Winter lime applications to reduce soil acidity

A Beautiful Lawn—Guaranteed!

We know you take your lawn care in Memphis seriously—and so do we! That’s why our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you aren’t happy with your treatment, just give us a call and we’ll be back to set it right. You have enough to worry about without having to add lawn care to that list. Let Herbi-Systems make your life easy. Call us today at 901-382-5296 and fall in love with your lawn!

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Tree & Shrub Care in Memphis

No matter how beautiful your home or lawn, without thriving ornamentals your property can look barren. With Herbi-Systems, you can get the beautiful trees and shrubs you’ve always wanted. Our tree and shrub care in Memphis is designed to keep your ornamentals beautiful from the inside out, keeping them lush and healthy and making your property a knockout. Call us today at 901-382-5296 and let us help you fight off tree and shrub diseases!

Get a Free Tree & Shrub Care Estimate

Not sure ow to approach taking care of your ornamentals? We’ve got your back. Herbi-Systems can offer you a FREE estimate on your Memphis tree and shrub care so you’ll not only know what you need without having to pay to talk to an experienced technician. Our tree and shrub care in Memphis is a comprehensive program that includes:

  • Horticulture oil to protect from overwintering insects
  • Fertilization and systemic insecticides
  • Summer inspections and insecticide or fungicide treatments as needed
  • Bermudagrass control and pre-emergent weed prevention in mulched areas
  • And more!


Insect Control in Memphis

You’ve worked hard on your lawn—don’t let insects undo all that hard work! If you’re facing insect problems on your lawn, look no further than Herbi-Systems for your insect control in Memphis. Our highly-trained technicians have over three decades of experience and the latest industry training under their belts, meaning they can eradicate your insects quickly and effectively, keeping your lawn safe. We can treat a number of local insects, including:

  • Grubs
  • Borer insects
  • Fire ants
  • Whiteflies

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Same-Day Service for Your Convenience 

If your lawn is facing an attack from insects, you want to act fast. Grubs can quickly destroy the roots of your grass while borer insects can damage your ornamentals irreparably. Don’t let any of these invaders take over your yard! With Herbi-Systems lawn care in Memphis, you’ll have the option of same-day service to get your relief from bugs—fast! Call Herbi-Systems today at 901-382-5296 and tell bugs to hit the road.

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We know that choosing a lawn care company is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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October 31, 2022

Special Offers

Save Some Green

We know that choosing a lawn care company is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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