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Lawn Insects

Insects and lawn pests can be merely a nuisance or can become a full-blown health problem for grasses, people and pets. Especially here in the Mid-South with our fertile climate, they can spread and cause damage. We can stop them – dead in their tracks. And your lawn technician will stay on the lookout for any of these returning critters. Herbi-Systems provides expert treatment for insect and lawn pests. If interested in tree and shrub insect protection, please see our Tree and Shrub section. For indoor insect protection, we recommend you contact any of the BBB pest control companies in your area.


Whiteflies produce a sticky substance on the leaves which can cause a fungal disease to form.  They are most often seen in mid-to-late summer during warmer weather. The best offense against whiteflies is to keep plants healthy, especially during high temperatures.

Borer Insects

Borer insects are what the name implies –borers. They bore inside of the tree or shrub and eat through the vascular tissue shutting down the flow of nutrients. Fall and spring are the best times to treat.



Grub worms live underground and feast on grass roots, leaving the lawn brown and unsightly. Grub worms themselves can become “food targets” for birds and wildlife which will leave dug-up spots in the grass as the predators gouge for them. Grubs in the lawn can become a serious problem in Memphis and the Mid-South.


Fire Ants

The Southern fire ant is aggressive and its sting can produce reactions ranging from irritation and vomiting to even more severe symptoms. They attack both people and animals, and can cause damage to trees, shrubs, air-conditioning units and even telephone wires. They have spread from the extreme southern states to the Mid-South.


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