Expert Lawn Care Services in Memphis

We are a Memphis-based company located in the suburb of Bartlett. You can count on us being the best at diagnosing Memphis lawns because we know these soils and climates better than anyone.

Herbi-Systems, a locally owned lawn care company, has perfected the science of killing weeds and feeding grass in this area. Specially formed nutrients are applied to keep the grass healthy during all four seasons. During the spring, we apply weed control before the pesky seedlings have time to mature. For the remainder of the year, we continually hit weeds that have just cracked the surface. Remember, weeds are the biggest problem in our area. For the last application in winter, we apply a granular lime treatment to enrich the soil and protect the grass for the cold months ahead.

Our customers don’t have to wait and call us if there’s ever a problem.
We call you after each application and that’s standard operating procedure. This practice keeps the communication lines strong if a lawn problem presents itself. And if it does, Herbi-Systems will have a professional back on-site within 48 hours, weather permitting, to fix it at no charge.

Herbi-Systems is a committed partner in our homeowners’ lawn care. All of Herbi-Systems’ management and most of our service associates were born in and around Memphis, so these rich soils are all we’ve ever known.   From the toughest weed varieties to common grass problems, our soils and climates present unique challenges in eliminating weeds as well as growing a lush stand of grass.

There is a difference in lawn care companies; we only work with Memphis lawns, while some of the national brands take a more generic approach for the entire country. We know more about Mid-South grasses and weeds.

Herbi-Systems has the knowledge and the know-how to produce rich, green lawns. Here is our promise:
  • Weed control guarantee at no additional cost.
  • All trained and certified technicians.
  • All owners have agricultural degrees from land grant colleges.
  • EPA approved products.
  • A follow-up phone call after each application.
  • Locally owned and operated company for more than 30 years.
  • A+ BBB member rating.
  • Angie’s List Award Winner.
  • No contracts.
  • Prepayment discounts.
  • Reliable online account management.